How to Master the Art of Self Love in Lockdown

Updated: Aug 16

How can we learn to love ourselves during a global pandemic? Just like learning how to paint, play an instrument, or speak a new language, self love is an artform that takes practice and patience. We talked to Barbara Thompson from Self Care Studio about the importance of self-love and how to master it during lockdown.

With the Illawarra going into its eighth week of lockdown alongside the rest of Greater Sydney, our daily routine may now include reaching for that bottle of wine or the extra choc chip cookie (both understandable choices).

The stress, isolation, and distractions that accompany spending added hours behind the same four walls can feel repetitive and draining.

It’s easy to neglect self-care in times like right now, but it’s essential to check in with yourself just like you would a friend.

Self Care Studio founder, Barbara Thompson is an expert when it comes to all things self love. Self Care Studio was created to help women who feel lost, alone, unsupported, unloved and disconnected from their minds and body.

Barbara Thompson from Self Care Studio
Self Care Studio founder Barbara Thompson

The concept came to life when Barbara wanted to help other women stop living in a cycle of negative thoughts, just like she once did.

So what are some easy self-care tips that will help you feel a bit better during these tough times? Barabara has outlined some of her top tips below:

1. Cut back on news consumption

Get out of the 24/7 news cycle. The news is designed to keep you stressed and emotionally aroused. Try to only watch or read the news once a day. If something serious happens that you need to know about, someone will tell you.

2. Try your hand at something new

Learn or try something new. Learn a new skill or practice an old hobby. Anything that breaks you out of your routine is an opportunity to grow and relax.

3. Write it down

Writing helps us learn, it allows us to free up space in our mind and it helps us change old patterns. Pick a time each night and spend up to 20 minutes free writing whatever comes up for you. This could be your to-do list, difficult thoughts, feelings, situations, or repetitive negative thoughts for the next day.

Self Care Studio can support you in your journey if you’re after a bit more help lovin' yourself during these tough times. Head to for more information and upcoming events.

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