The Journey to Creating a Sustainable Community Garden

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

This post was written by Corinne Bryce from the Stanwell Park Eco Centre team.

Stanwell Park Eco Centre (otherwise known as SPEC) is a not-for-profit social

enterprise based in, you guessed it, Stanwell Park! Our vision is to create a

sustainable community garden, the first of many in the northern Illawarra region, with

a focus on food security, community resilience and innovation. Help us get our first

garden off the ground to make this dream happen!

Corinne Bryce is a vital part of the Stanwell Park Eco Centre team. As a Crowdfunding

Coordinator, her role is to help SPEC grow and assist in funding and partnership

opportunities to get the first (of many) community garden up and running!

Corinne joined the SPEC team to give her time to a project that helps to make the

world better and greener. She is reminded by her work daily of what we as people can

achieve when we work together towards a common goal.

Read about Corinne’s unique Yoga and Community Garden experience below:

Corinne Bryce- Yoga Teacher Training meets Community Gardening

When I embarked on my 200 hours yoga teacher training in 2019 at BodyMindLife I had no idea where it would take me, but I knew I was moving in the right direction for my best self.

One month fully submerged in my practice, deeply connecting with my training cohort and navigating through the ancient teachings, proved to be more than I could have imagined to light

up my soul.

When I changed lanes in my career in 2019, yoga was always part of the plan, but has proved to be an ever-connecting piece of the puzzle that has become my life. Changing the world and bettering the way we live were some of the things I wanted to focus on within my new path.

Connecting with Alli at SPEC has proved to be the perfect culmination of these.

When I stumbled upon SPEC and Alli (graciously of course) I was intrigued. A few days and a

phone call later and here I am practicing yoga on her living room floor, surrounded by the native

birds and eucalypts of the royal national park, breathing deeply and making shapes with the

SPEC team as we work to plan and crowdfund our way to creating a sustainability hub in the

northern Illawarra area of NSW.

One year on, I reflect back on my 200 hours of yoga teacher training, where I read the words by

Sting every day on the wall of BML, “Yoga is almost like music in a way; there's no end to it.” It is clear now that I am tuning in to the right kind of music, the kind that tries to make the world

better, greener, and brighter for everyone.

To find out more or to donate to SPEC, click here.

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